Of Mice and Men

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This book describes the events and struggles that Lennie Smalls and George Milton endure. Lennie is mentally ill and loves to pet small soft things. He is always in his own little world. George takes care of Lennie and looks out for his best interest. Ever since Lennie's Aunt Clara passed away George began to watch over Lennie. In the beginning, you see them running away from trouble that took place in their old town called Weed. So they go to this ranch where they interact with the other guys there. Throughout the book George describes this dream ranch mainly to motivate Lennie. Lennie fantasizes over tending to the rabbits. Later, this dream seems possible to become a reality. George and Lennie go through many ups and downs that lead to unexpected outcomes throughout the book.

The irony in the book. Example: Lennie Smalls being a big guy but loving small soft things.
The character George. George took care of Lennie and always looked out for his best interest.
The characterSlim. He was a genuine guy that didn't need fancy boots like Curley.
The friendship between George and Lennie. They both have each other's backs.
The message that life brings some very unexpected turns. Life doesn't always end up the way its planned.\


The sad ending with George and Lennie.
Carlson shooting Candy's dog.
Curley's character.
Lennie always getting in trouble.

What can we learn from reading this book?
You learn that life never really ends up quite the way you plan it to. Life brings many unexpected turns. Another thing you can learn is that even when you think you are completely alone someone is there to listen. Even when you feel completely isolated.

Why are derams important to live successful and fulfilling lives?
Dreams are like goals. You try to reach them and if you have the ambition and drive you can reach them. Dreams also keep you motivated.

How important is it for human beings to have a place where they belong?
I think it's very important to feel like you belong. No one likes being segregated and alone and if you have a group of friends that accept you, you feel the sense of belonging.

What constitutes a genuine friendship?
A genuine frienship consists of equal caring and respect for one another. Also, being able to rely and confide in each other. Friends should be people that make you feel better and is completely honest with you.

Does our current society encourage or discourage loneliness or isolation?
I think our current society encourages loneliness and isolation. When people see people that are different from them they can't put their differences aside, instead they make them feel left out and alone. I think especially when people don't agree on something they try to make each other feel isolated.