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In a small town, an unexpected debate arises. Not only is it a burning hot summer, but the intensity in this small town is burning up too! Little did the town know, they were about to experience a heated trial debating the beliefs of all of the citizens. Bert Cates, a school teacher, decides to teach Darwin's Origin of Species, which states that humans origninated through monkeys and teaches evolution. This is illegal because Cates is breaking the Butler Law. The Butler Law bans school teachers to teach about evolution. Cates is put in jail and has to have a court trial. Matthew Harrison Brady comes to town to prosecute Bertram Cates. This is a huge deal because Brady has ran for president three times and is a very popular guy. The town is completely biased and supports Brady. Meanwhile, for the defense, Henry Drummond is coming to town. This upsets and enrages the towns people. Henry Drummond is known for defending guilty people and proving them innocent. The town describes him as the devil and don't want to let him in their town. Through out the trial, people's opinions and beliefs begin to shift. Some people start to agree with Drummond and want Cates to be found innocent. The more people supporting Drummond the weaker Brady becomes. Not only is this a battle of beliefs, there is the struggle between loyalty to love and loyalty to family. Rachel Brown goes through this struggle stuck between Bert Cates and her Father. Discover the many other struggles and the outcome of the most heated and controversial trial by reading Inherit the Wind.

Things I liked about the book:

It showed that you don't need to accept something in order to tolerate it.
It was based off a true story
The different characters and their opinions
The town's tolerance and acceptance changing throughout the book.
The historical allusions

Things I disliked about the book:
Brady dying
Hornbeck accusing Drummond of being a hippocrit

What can we learn from reading this book?
We can learn to tolerate other people's opinions. Just because we tolerate things doesn't mean that we have to accept them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if we don't agree with them, the least we can do is tolerate them. This book has also taught me to always have your own opinion, and stand up for what you believe in.

Answers to Essential Questions:
How do we handle our individual differences?

In the book, Reverend Brown and Bertram Cates do not get along at all. They don't respect each other nor their opinions. Reverend Brown condemned Cates for his beliefs. This is not how you should handle your individual differences. You should respect where the other person is coming from, but be free to express your own ideas as well.
Does tolerance equal acceptance?
I think that you can tolerate something without accepting it but after a while of tolerating you sometimes begin to accept it. You can't accept something without tolerating it though.
Can we tolerate something without agreeing with it?
I don't think that you have to completely agree with something to tolerate it. However, if you 100% don't agree with something than obviously, you won't be able to put up with it. So I believe that it can go both ways.

Characterization Paragraph:
characterization of rachel brown.doc

Reflections on Paragraph:
What did you learn from this writing assignment?

I learned that Rachel Brown, and many others, had a huge transformation in their views from the beginning to the end of the book. Rachel starts off, unsure and not confident. However, at the end of the book, she gains confidence by leaving her father. She now understands and respects Bert's opinion but doesn't agree with it. Rachel learned how to be more open to other people's opinions and more confident in her own actions.

What did you do well in this unit?
I think that I found two very good major supports that agreed with eachother in the characterization paragraph. Also, I believe I had nice and flowing transitions that helped the paragraph all tie together.

What areas could you improve on?
I think that i could have found a better quote for showing Rachel being not confident of herself. There were many quotes that showed her doubting herself, but I was unsure of the one that would fit best.