Huck Finn
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Hobbies: Adventures, Canoeing, Rafting, Hanging out with Tom Sawyer and the gang
Age: 14
Huck's Home Page-

Journal 1
The Widow Douglas took me into her house and now she's tryin to sivilize me. She's makin me wear fancy clothes and be polite. Widow ain't as strict as Miss Watson. I'm not too fond of Miss Watson. She scolds me if I done somethin wrong. I have to pray and go to church. I just can't live this way. I gotta get a outta here and be free! I can't call this place my home! I need a place where I run around like the the little boy I am! I wanna go on adventures and play rough with the gang!

Journal 2
I snuck out tonight with Tom Sawyer and the gang. We talked about how we had to take an oath to join the band of Robbers. Theys almost not gonna let me join on oaccount of my not having a family. I offered Miss Watson, cause I figure if someone has to be killed on my half it ought to be her. We was wondering what to do with the women. Do we kill em or keep em? Tom gets all these ideas from his silly pirate and robber books. I can't wait to put our plans into action!

Journal 3
I've had just about enough of Tom's foolishness. We are in a band of robbers but we don't rob nothing. We just pretend to. Where's the fun in that? Finally, Tom had mentioned something about an ambuscade on the A rabs and Spaniards. This sounded real and excitin so I agreed to go along with it. Turns out we was just raidin a Sunday School picnic. I had just about had enough of this make believe non-sense. Then Tom mentioned somethin bout a genie who lives in tin lamps and rings. So fer some reason I believed him and i set there rubbin away at a lamp and nothin. Tom Sawyer was all talk and pretend and I didn't want anymore of this!

Journal 4
I had spilt salt earlier today which I had feared a bring me bad luck. Later, I believed my bad luck had come about when I'd seen an imprint of the heel of a boot taht looked awful familiar. Kinda like my pap. So I took my money and gave it to Judge Thatcher. There aint no way pap's comin back and robbin me for all I got. I reckon that Jim had this magic hairball and I needed to ask it some questions bout my pap. All it said was to stay away from water. It didn't say nothin specific. When I walked in to my room there pap was. stairing at me right in the eye.

Journal 5
After pap had kid-napped me I reckon I had enough. It was nice not havin to be sivilized but the beating weren't so pleasant and I didn't want to deal with his drucken mess. So i go out to the river and find a canoe. I decide d to keep it stead of showin pap and sall it for $10.00. So I thought of a plan that would
get rid of pap for sure. So I killed a pig with an ax for blood pulled out some of my hair and made it look like i'd a been murdered. I grabbed the canoe and made my way to Jackson Island where I could finally be free!