Evaluation of Goals

Course reflectoins

Which of our three goals do you feel you improved upon the most?
I think that I've become a better reader. Majority of the books that we read in class I enjoyed and it's made me more interested in reading. I feel as if I've also learned many good speaking and listening skills as well! I am much more confident in my speaking.

How has this course helped me to become a more caring, competent, contributing citizen in an ever-changing global community?
I am more aware of returning my shopping cart at Wal Mart because of this course. Also reading the book Tuesdays with Morrie helped me value things in life and I took a lot from it that I will apply in my life!

What will you take away from this class? What will you remember?
I will take away all of the morals in each of the books we have read and use them in my life. I will remember our class discussions and how to participate in them.

Self evaluation

Did I achieve my personal goals for this course?
I did achieve my personal goals for this course. I have an A and I am very confident for the final. I feel as if i fully comprehend all of the things we went over in class.

Did you give your personal best?
I feel as if I did my personal best on each assignment. Especially Tuesdays with Morrie because I was very interested in all of the lessons Morrie discussed. I really enjoy english so I do try to give me best!